Sunday, December 12, 2010

WikiLeaks everywhere...the walls eventually talk.

 I've been a spectator of sorts. Silently watching and reading the news and various other social and media platforms. From it all, I've gathered that from the evil that men do, or rather governments, came the birth of WikiLeaks. Is evil a bit harsh? What goes on behind closed doors within governments? Doors which WikiLeaks is trying to keep open. WikiLeaks seems to have unveiled what many have been saying for years. And so, no religious reference intended, in who do we trust?

A recent FaceBook note ends with these words "Reporters from influential national new media organizations have already begun to receive private warnings that they should be careful not to produce writings that would unleash the government’s fury." The note is in reference to student protests against tuition hikes at University of Puerto Rico campuses.  University administration, which is nothing more than another body of ggovernmental puppets which have their own skeletons in the closet, along with the current Governor, only exacerbate the situation. The message is a stark reminder to what extent some will go to silence others (of which this is only a minor example). In this case, the mouth of media organizations. The government has already unleashed some of its fury...Riot Police Seize the University of Puerto Rico, after 31 years of staying out of those very campuses.

The Government of Puerto Rico is no different than any other. In its push to convince the population of the island that statehood is the only way, it has conducted itself  like many of those that WikiLeaks exposes. The administration, being quite the dutiful subjects and conducting themselves like the masters, may continue to smile and whisper behind closed doors but the walls have ears.....and they eventually talk.

I recently tweeted, "Never bite the hand that feeds you...but then again, depends on what your being fed." Over 112 years of being it really any better? Maybe it's time to use the machete to cut the umbilical cord.

More WikiLeaks welcome......

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