Friday, December 24, 2010

Solidarity and 102 Words

There are many things that strike me as funny (or rather deceitful and odd) when reading about the events surrounding the student strike in Puerto Rico. One thing stands out more then others and that is the statement, "there is really no support for the students." I beg to differ....the solidarity is far and wide. From as far as London, Germany and Spain to here in the U.S., there is plenty of support for the students of the University of Puerto Rico. The real problem is the lack of mainstream media coverage, as always...shame on them and shame on the naysayers.

Letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder from Puerto Rican Academics

Cuban National Assembly Expressed its Solidarity with Puerto Rican Students

Organización de Solidaridad de los Pueblos de África, Asia y América Latina (OSPAAAL)

You can also read some stories on how the tuition hikes will affect the various students. These stories are written by students themselves in a maximum of 102 Words.

**Solidarity Update**

UPR supporters swell the ranks of fee protest

Masivo apoyo a la Huelga en la UPR

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