Thursday, March 19, 2009

AIG and ......who else???

It has been an AIG in the news week thus far. It's obvious to me that these bonus hungry knuckleheads don't get it. They are completely oblivious to the fact that we are in a recession or maybe they just don't care. Yea, right, they're willing to give up 50 % of those bonuses....could it be because of the 100% tax that is being thrown around by lawmakers? I don't know but maybe congressional leaders should start by also giving up their automatic pay raises. These may not be as hefty as AIG bonuses but it sure would be a fine example to all. Now, who's next? Maybe a little more scrutiny and accountability is in order here. The taxpayers deserve to know how and where their tax dollars are being spent. No more bailouts unless this happens....Obama says 'buck stops with me' ....

Looting goes far beyond bonuses: AIG doled out payments to a small group of banks, including UBS
by Juan Gonzalez at The NY Daily News

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