Friday, March 27, 2009


This month, I have reached a milestone in my life. As I have written in my about me, I have served in the Air Force, Air Force Reserves and the Air National Guard. Now, after twenty years, I have decided the time has come to hang up my uniform for the last time.

I joined the Air Force just after completing high school thinking this was my only opportunity in furthering my education. The lack of counseling in school and growing up in a single parent household led me to be believe that a college education was not affordable to me. By the time I realized otherwise, I had already served my first enlistment and had decided to continue in the Air Force Reserves. After a recall to active duty for Desert Storm, I decided enough was enough and took some time away from military service. During that time I took the opportunity and enrolled in some college classes which would eventually lead to an A.A.S in Aircraft Maintenance Technology. Missing the camaraderie, I decided to go back into the Air Force Reserves and eventually made the move into the Air National Guard.

Now, after twenty years, I don't regret having served in the military. Yet, with what I now know, I have made every effort to make sure that my children know the opportunities they have are limitless. It has been a long journey and one that I will not forget. I am now prepared to close this chapter in my life and continue on to other endeavors.


  1. Congratulations on your milestone and much success with your future endeavors. Your service is greatly admired and appreciated.