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Ponce Massacre/Masacre de Ponce - March 21, 1937

A parade request was made by and granted to the Nationalists in Ponce, Puerto Rico.
As the Cadets of the Republic, youth organization, and the Nurses' Corps gathered in preparation to march, the permit was rescinded.
They were still determined to march, as this was a peaceful march to commemorate the abolition of slavery in Puerto Rico on March 22, 1837 and to demand the release of imprisoned Puerto Rican prisoners, including Pedro Albizu Campos.
No arms were carried by the marchers as, again, this was a peaceful march.
The playing of the Puerto Rican national anthem, the beginning of the march......heavily armed police surround the marchers and order them to halt.
A shot was fired, chaos ensued then machine gun fire from police engulfed the marchers.
In what lasted 10 to 15 minutes...20 dead and more than 150 wounded...became known as the Ponce Massacre (Masacre de Ponce). Seventy two years ago on Palm Sunday, March 21, 1937.

"The purpose was to frighten the whole Puerto Rican people with a show of crude brutality, a massacre."
Juan Antonio Corretjer. Albuzu Campos and the
Ponce Massacre. World View Publishers,1965

"The American Civil Liberties Union recognized the dogmatic , fanatical frame of mind of the 'Nationalists' but concluded that there had been a gross violation of civil rights and incredible police brutality."
Arturo Morales Carrion. Puerto Rico, A Political
and Cultural History. W. W. Norton & Company,1983

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  1. Dear Mr. Efraín Ortíz:

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, my soul and spirit for being strong against whoo do not understand what happened in Ponce. And if they do, they look the other way. I am proud to have read your essay. It is well written and exposes one of the must important things in life: the truth.

    I hope that you do not mind me citting your article in an Open letter to President Barack Obama and the United Nations as well.

    Follow this link to read it:

    Corrected version of the open letter to President Barack Obama

    Follow this link: Please deliver to the Decolonization Committee which is dealing with Puerto Rico's colonial case under Resolution 15-14-15

    Your in the struggle for a better Humanity, in which dignity and honor are extremely important for the growth of generations to come. I am also in Facebook Please visit me...

    José F. Colón
    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    PS I also have a page in Ning called "Latinos and Hispanics for Change and Hope". And I ALSO LIKE ANIMALS AND DEEPLY RESPECT EVERYONE THAT DEFENDS THEM.