Sunday, March 29, 2009

Puerto Rico Statehood Debate

Again and again....the 110 year old question of Puerto Rico's status was debated by panelist, that included former New York Gov. George Pataki, at a Fordham Law School forum on March 26, 2009. Unfortunately, the only real status' discussed here seem to be that of statehood and enhanced commonwealth. Read the article here....


  1. Well, the reason why “the only real status’ discussed here seem to be that of statehood and enhanced commonwealth” is because it’s beyond dispute that commonwealth and statehood are the only two political status options that have the support of sizable portions of Puerto Ricans. From a theoretical stand point, the availability of other options can always be debated. But if the purpose of a debate is to engage in meaningful discussion as to how to enable Puerto Rican self-determination, then to force the panelists to talk about options that have been overwhelmingly rejected to by Puerto Ricans and are supported by less then 5% of Puerto Ricans would be an awful waste of time.

  2. Yes, I agree, the two status' have garnered the most support and, from a debate point of view, it would be a waste of time to debate on the lesser supported options. But one cannot ignore the fact that there still is a small portion, regardless of size, of the Puerto Rican population that still favors other options and if it came to an actual vote on self-determination it would only be appropriate to include those other options.

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