Sunday, June 20, 2010

Family, Capicu, Machete y Ron

A quick post to recap a good weekend. The closing consists of rest and relaxation after an evening and night spent celebrating a 50th birthday with both family and extended family. Music, food and good times.

With that said the weekend began with another venture into an event with the Capicu Cultural Showcase familia. Not to be left undone, Capicu does what Capicu does best, bring on a great cultural/poetry show. The evening was a refreshing start to the weekend after what was a rough week. The poetry, music and visual artist display was enough to bring me out of the weeks slump.

To cap off the evening, the music group, Machete y Ron, put on a performance of traditional roots music (Bomba y Plena) fused with spoken word that had the crowd dancing in rhythm. There is something so refreshing about traditional music that soothes the mind.


EL GRITO by Machete y Ron
El David

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