Sunday, June 20, 2010

Manifesting a Dream - Help Request

By Carmen Mojica Fabian

Manifesting a Dream - Help Request

Friends and Family,
I am in the process of getting myself into the public speaker circuit. I am asking help from anyone who has connections to any high school, middle school, organization, collegiate institution or space that would be able to have me give a presentation on my work. Not only can I give a presentation, I can also come in as a guest speaker for any class to share my story and connect with a smaller group of students. Below is the abstract for my book, as well as the link for purchasing my book and the first presentation I gave at my alma mater, SUNY New Paltz.

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Upon request I can send you a detailed letter of intent, as well as my curriculum vitale and an audio recording of my piece, "Stutter", which can be found in my book.

Thanks for the support and pa'lante siempre!

Love and Light,

This literary work is the end of a chapter in my life. It is the culmination of experiences and undergraduate research that describe and explain the effects of my identity as an African Latina on my life. It is a combination of memoirs, poems and research material that not only explain the effects of race on identity from an academic standpoint but also shares my own life as a living example. Self-hatred is a disease that runs rampant throughout much of the African Diaspora due to colonization and the dehumanization that occurred at that time. In the Latino culture, the African component of the Latino identity is often ignored, denied and is not usually a subject that is up for discussion. As one can imagine, being an Afro-Latino is not easy because of these factors but being a woman adds an entirely different dimension to this. Not only do Afro-Latinas have to deal with the constant racism in their own culture, but they have also had to endure sexism as well. In this work, part of what the research entails is the history of how Afro-Latinos came to be in this world, as well as phenotype in relation to how Latinos define themselves. Included is also research pertaining to Black Feminism, the destruction of African hair in America and women and religion on the Caribbean islands. This additional research is meant to properly describe not only the Latina aspect of an Afro-Latina's identity but also the African and female aspects as well. The research is embedded in my life story explaining how my self-hate affected different parts of my life and how I started my journey to self-love.

Hija De Mi Madre

Show your suppport here, puchase Hija De Mi Madre.

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