Sunday, June 21, 2009

Boricuas: The Forgotten Soldiers

Yes, They are the forgotten soldiers...Boricuas of the Army’s 65th Infantry Regiment (Borinqueneers). On Saturday June 20th they were honored for their service during the Korean War in Worcester, Massachusetts.

The 65th was created in 1899 as an all volunteer battalion in Puerto Rico. From WWI to WWII to Korea, they have fought valiantly. In all, 61,000 Puerto Ricans served, 756 died and 2,318 were wounded in Korea. Read these articles ..... For Puerto Rican veterans and Not Forgotten....

Valerosos: Puerto Rico's 65th Infantry Regiment

I salute them for their valor.


  1. So glad to know they were honored. As a commonwealth PR gets a raw deal

    FYI: Welcome to blogadera!

  2. It sure does get a raw deal... thank you for the welcome.

  3. My father was one of the Borinqueneers. Did you ever see the documentary released last year and shown on PBS about the 65th? It is available on DVD, the website is

  4. So many people don't know about The Borinqueneers, so you can imagine my surprise to find this post. It was great to hear of them being honored!

    Carry on.... ;-)

  5. thank you for honoring those that will never be forgotten. My family (two uncles) were a part of that. The saddest part is that as Latino's we discriminate one another and Puerto Ricans who have paved the way for so, so many Latinos here in the US are looked down up.
    Dont stop your work i like it.

  6. No problem...They deserve it and more....and yes it it sad when some Latinos look down on other Latinos...Thank you for your kind comment.