Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Exhibit: Visions of Puerto Rican Pride

If your in the New York area and looking to support some Latino/a artist then here is an event you can support..the following is a reprint of an invite I received..Que los disfruten!

Exhibition: Visions of Puerto Rican Pride
June 12th – 28th 2009 – Opening Show on June 12th 7:00 PM –10:00PM
Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center, Inc.
107 Suffolk Street
New York , NY 10002
Contact: Mia Roman Hernandez - artbymamamia@yahoo.com / 646-361-6448
Free Admission

About the show:
“Visions of Puerto Rico & Puerto Rican Pride” Celebrates Puerto Rican culture through Photography. The show will include more than fifty works by emerging and established artists from Puerto Rico, Miami Fl. and New York City . Each artist brings a unique style and vision. These artists have discovered the beauty, tales and the history to their culture in which has been incorporated into their craft of photography. Some of the pieces will depict Community, Urban settings, Music, Nature, Family, Politics and Spirituality. The photos will embrace the cultural empowerment of the Puerto Ricans and their pride. The photos will evoke emotion, feeling and discussion. We have bridged a gap between the Puerto Ricans on the Island and the Puerto Ricans out side of the island and this exhibit is the result of that connection.

Art is an expression of the unconscious and is dedicated to the free expression of

Artists include:
Clarisel Gonzalez, Mia Roman Hernandez, Elena Marrero, Vivien Perez, Carissa Hernandez, Christopher Lopez, Susan Alvarez, Marcelino Pagan, Luis Cordero, Pepper Negron, Marie Paola Martinez, Gamalier Martinez, Gerardo Javier Melendez Silvagnoli, Marielly Martinez, Ismael Nunez, Pablo Colon, Eluid
Martinez, Sebastian Perez, David Cabrera-Villafanas

Poetry By: Gloria Fontanez & Tony Camacho