Monday, June 1, 2009

June: It's Time for a Puerto Rican Day Parade

You know it's June when you start to see Puerto Rican flags displayed on cars, windows,clothing and anything else you can think of. While there is Boricua pride all year long, June is the month that you will see it the most with all the festivities abound before and after the National Puerto Rican Day Parade. Events are a plentiful so if you can't make it to one there is always another.
At, you can check out an article entitled " June is Puerto Rican party time in NYC " by Clarisel Gonzalez for some good info.

Another parade of note is the annual Puerto Rican/Hispanic Day Parade held in Brentwood, Long Island. The parade held by Adelante of Suffolk County, Inc since 1967 is in its 43rd year. This years theme is “Celebrating Latino Pride in a Changing America-Yes We Can!”. To complement the parade, this year they are having a festival in hopes of making it an annual event.

No matter what you do, enjoy it mi gente! Palante con orgullo Boricua!

Sounds of salsa to fill 5th Ave. with National Puerto Rican Day Parade
For a more in depth listing of parades visit

Yerbabuena - Boricua, Boricua


  1. The month of june is also significant for us Filipinos. June 12, 1898 was the declaration of the Philippine independence. It was also the first time that the Official flag and Anthem was raised and sung. On 23d day of January the following year, the first Philippine Republic was inaugurated. It was called the Malolos Republic since it was held in the Barasoain Church in the town of Malolos, Bulacan. It is the first republic in Asia. we were so happy until we discovered that Spain has ceded us to america after the Spanish American War and America decided to take over the archipelago saying that our country is not yet ready to mind its own people. and it was the white man's burden to educate us as a nation. and so that was the start of a century long struggle from foreign power and life long agony of identity crisis.

    PS we have almost identical flags by the way.

  2. Thank you very much this information. I didn't know and absolutely appreciate you sharing this with me....