Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Decolonization: Is This The Same Old Song?

The Special Committee on Decolonization, on 15 June 2009, approved a draft resolution calling on the U.S. to expedite a process that would allow Puerto Ricans the right to self determination and independence. The Committee also requested the release of all Puerto Rican political prisoners, expressed serious concern about actions carried out against independistas and encourages investigations into these actions...if you want to read the full text click here. I urge all to read the full text to get an understanding of what is stated.

This is nothing new as this is the tenth consecutive year that the text has been approved. Will anything ever really come out of this? Will the U.S. really allow for Puerto Ricans to determine their future arguing that it is not a U.N. problem but merely one between its territory and U.S. citizens in that territory. The list of arguments are very long and the relationship (albeit, a poor relationship) between the U.S. and Puerto Rico is even longer...my final question for now ...will there ever come a time for Puerto Ricans to honestly have the full right to self determination with no "intervention"?

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