Monday, June 15, 2009

Nuestra Cultura

So now that the festivities and the parade are over do you stop being Puerto Rican? Do you stop showing the pride? Do you fold that pride like a shirt and put it away for next year?

I was at the parade myself and the colors, as always, were everywhere. I wore a pair of shorts with a short sleeve shirt and a pair of sneakers and none had a anything Puerto Rican on it. Not because I didn't want to show my pride but because my pride comes from within me and I carry it everyday....Boricua todo los dias....mira mi cara....
I challenge all to learn nuestra cultura, share nuestra cultura, teach nuestra cultura, support nuestra cultura....

Youtube video courtesy lopz33

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  1. Que cancion tan bella! What a perfect way to begin the morning.....Si, Soy Boricua!