Sunday, March 21, 2010

Breaking the Myths of Independence

The myths are many and some even go as far as making independence seem ludicrous. Just as the voices of those who seek entry into the union are heard, so must the voices of those who seek independence. In either case, the truths are the only words that must be spoken for far too often only the myths of independence are heard. These myths only serve to incite fear and dislike of the same.

On Friday, March 19, economist, professor and former candidate for governor of Puerto Rico, Dr. Edwin Irizarry Mora, held a conference entitled "Lo que debes saber sobre la Independencia: Rompiendo Mitos" (what you should know about independence: Deconstructing the myths). The educational conference, which was organized by the PIP (Partido Independista Puertorriqueño), was held for those eager to learn about independence as a final and definitive solution to the problem of the status of Puerto Rico.

Dr. Irizarry Mora spoke about Puerto Rico's failed economy and its comparison to other small countries and their economic growth while Puerto Rico's suffers.

Listen to the conference here.>>>> (in spanish)

El PIP rompe mitos sobre la independencia

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