Monday, March 29, 2010

Repealing Birthright Citizenship?

The following article appears on the site Hispanics Tips, therefore only a portion of its content is provided. The article, very interesting, offers some insight into birthright citizenship in reference to immigration. My first though, of course, was that of the idea of stripping those born in the U.S. of their citizenship and its relation to Puerto Rico. While the article does state that the idea has been "relegated to the domain of immigration restrictionists and select politicians," the idea in practice would have negative implications, not only on American society but, on the colonial Puerto Rican society as well. Think!

The Folly of Repealing Birthright Citizenship

This Sunday, the editorial pages of the Washington Post included a piece penned by journalist George Will on the topic of birthright citizenship. Will highlights a scholar who argues against giving those born in the United States birthright citizenship and characterizes the repeal of a 150 year-old constitutional tenet as “a simple reform.” Normally, the idea of stripping those born in America of their right to citizenship has been relegated to the domain of immigration restrictionists and select politicians who try to exploit it for electoral gains. In endorsing this argument, Mr. Will has looked past a whole body of research which examines the dramatic and far- reaching consequences this would have on American society. Continue reading--->

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