Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's only a joke from the Puerto Rico Senate Majority Leader

How low can you go? Seems like some will stoop to levels that are too expletive. The latest drastic move by a member of the Puerto Rican Congress really doesn't surpise me.
Puerto Rico Senate Majority Leader Roberto Arango writes a letter to the U.S. House asking for statehood and in it are many grammatical errors. Seems like in Arango's desperation to make his request he failed to at least get a proofreader. This brings me to the question, "How prepared is Puerto Rico to become a state when only 20% of the island's population speaks english fluently?" I would not argue this fact if it were only a few years ago that Puerto Rico became a U.S. possession (I use the term loosely). Need I remind that the official languages are both english and spanish in Puerto Rico? I would think that if one seeks inclusion then at least have a better written command of the language. Instead, Angora takes it upon himself to write a personal letter and becomes the laughing stock of many while being a representative of the people. Now, as stereotypes go, we know what Washington may be thinking. What a shame!

Read the letter...

Note: The language argument is only but one that leads into a myriad of other problems from political to economic. Regardless of Roberto Angora's position and intention, he is still in a position of leadership which makes him a representative of the people. In reading the letter's content I would, therefore, have to say that at a minimum an attempt to write a more professionally written letter would have added plausibleness.


  1. Whatever option one champions for PR status, the letter is sadly an embarrassment.

  2. I agree. At a minimum he should have had the letter proofread.

  3. I agree with both of you, he should have had the letter proofread. I am from Puerto Rico and I speak and write fluently in english and spanish. Like me there are many more who know both languages but for some reason when it comes to politics these dirtbags have the tendency to put in those positions people who don't deserve it and who know less english than a third grader. It is a shame that because of these dumb leaders the world may think that all Puerto Ricans are like them, which is not true. There are many who are true leaders but are not given the opportunity to pose as one. We are sadly represented for a status by people who are careless and dumb and that doesn't help at all for a status, it is an embarrassment. Most of us Puerto Ricans are very proud to belong to the United States and we apologize for the stupidity of these few morons leading our country.