Saturday, March 27, 2010

CAPICU [scratch/cut], CAPICU [cut/scratch]

If I sound repetitive, then so be it! Think of me as the DJ behind the two turntables scratching and cutting, bringing it back to the word.....CAPICU[scratch/cut], CAPICU[cut/scratch], CAPICU[scratch/cut]..... and as the DJ says "How y'all feel out there?" Well, I for one feel good, for Capicu Poetry and Cultural Showcase put on a 3rd anniversary show to put many others to shame. Understand that when you enter the realm of a Capicu show you enter the realm of familia. That feeling of being surrounded by good people is in the air. No matter the performance, whether a newbie or a veteran, there was something for everyone. To the Capicu Cartels, Papo 'Swiggity' and George 'Urban Jibaro', and the entire Capicu Familia...
"Happy 3rd Anniversary"
CAPICU [scratch/cut], CAPICU [cut/scratch]...... and Capicu goes on.....

Willie Perdomo

Marthalicia Matarrita

Marthalicias' painting of TATU, President and founder of the XMEN crew

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