Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Marcelo Lucero Case and Steve Levy

While health care reform and immigration reform take center stage in news reports an important case is taking place on Long Island,NY.

The Marcelo Lucero trial....Marcelo Lucero, who was 37, was murdered on Nov. 8, 2008 in Patchogue, N.Y. by a group of teenagers. A senseless killing based on sheer ignorance. Ignorance in that these teenagers were out to look for "some Mexicans." Marcelo was Ecuadorian, not Mexican but to those who seek to to destroy the dreams of those looking for a better life, we are all the same. Yes, Puerto Ricans included. Marcelo's accused murderer even went as far as having a tattoo of a swastika on his arm. One has to wonder where such hate comes from. These teenagers didn't just wake up one day and decide to be so hateful. This hatred is slowly ingrained. Proceed....

I am sure that those who champion the anti-immigration view in New York Sate are happy to know that the Suffolk County executive, whose record on anti-immigration is well-known, is planning to run for Governor of New York. This executive, Steve Levy, was quoted a few years ago stating that a flood of illegal immigrants’ babies was swamping the Southampton Hospital maternity ward. It is also on record that he stated that the Marcelo Lucero murder was a "one day story." Levy makes the claim that he is not anti-immigrant but rather anti-illegal immigration. Some go as far as calling him a racist, clearly, with such statements, he is a man that is insensitive and unsympathetic. Can New York, the state with the second highest immigration population (as of 2007) afford to have a governor with such a record? I think not!

Now from whom can we pick up a little anti-immigrant sentiment? Remember these hate mongers we are all the same. If you are Latino then you must be illegal (or have some sort of papers! absurd!) or if you are dark skin then you must be black.

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  1. Here is extended testimony from Lucero's friend in court today on the fatal attack: