Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Truth is: La Verdad es____

Someone once told me a story about a prestigious law school graduate and a local university law graduate. After graduation they would both go on to work at the same law firm. The local university graduate would go on to exceed all expectations and become a superb attorney through hard work and dedication. The prestigious law school graduate would also move up within the same law firm but, "it's who you know" would be the reason for his advancement.

Now this is not a story to belittle one or the other but rather a point that sometimes you should get up off your knees and work hard. To work with what you have to make it better and grow independently and not with handouts. I would really like to hold back but, as time proves again, how much respect can I give to someone who is continuously on his knees. Always sniffing the butts of congress and repeatedly looking to convince the people that statehood is the only way. Allow me to step back and explain that Luis G. Fortuño, a graduate of Marist College in Guaynabo, with a B.S from Georgetown University and holds a Doctorate (J.D.) from degree from the University of Virginia School of Law has an interesting resume. He has spent a considerable amount of time in public service and practiced law (corporate finance and real estate law) as a partner in a law firm. For all this, Fortuño has proven that he is educated but not wise enough or simply close-minded.

In a recent visit to Cornell University he states, "this shining star of ours … is coming along on the road to statehood," and that is because he insist on it being the case. Fortuño has failed the most basic of tests, he is attempting to put a star in a circle. The path to economic reform and the myriad of challenges that face the island is a difficult one. The difficulty in this path is made all the more difficult due to the dependency and reliance on the U.S. dollar. On bended knees, Fortuño continues looking for Washington bailouts, while promoting statehood as the only viable option to climbing out of the current stagnant state.

One hundred and twelve years and the changes have been illusive to say the least. What the people of Puerto Rico need is the truth. Given his position and stature one would think otherwise.

¿me entiendes, Fortuño?

Statehood will give Puerto Rico economic, social parity with the U.S.
What was that, again?..Puerto Rican coalition asks Congress for health equality
'20 percent of the island's residents speak English fluently'
To be directed to Congress.. ¿Podemos mantener el español como idioma oficial y el Inglés como segundo idioma? ... or can they co-exist?

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
-George Orwell

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