Sunday, March 21, 2010

Latinos/Census: Black or White?

A fellow blogger's post really got me thinking about race and how it applies to Latinos. It always amazes me how there is always so much racial breakdown in this great society of ours. Simply put, race in America is as American as apple pie.

The census will prove to be interesting to say the least, especially when Latinos get to question #9. How to answer a question that forces Latinos to think black and white when being Latino?

While Latinos continue to assimilate into American culture the census leaves many embracing the answer "some other race." Yet, in the end, that which allegedly divides America, forces many Latinos to choose between black or white.


  1. Thanks for the shoutout my friend!

  2. I just read a book in which Latinos were called the Cosmic race because we encompass everything.